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Marine Research Volume3
Published Date: 2023-12-29
Unit: The Planning and Training Center
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    2023-12-29 ~ 2024-12-29

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Volume3 Issue1 is honored to feature Dr. Hong-Young Yan (National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium) as a guest editor. Dr. Yan brings exceptional academic achievements and rich experience in the field of natural science, and his participation is sure to add depth and breadth to this issue.

Volume3 Issue2 is honored to feature Dr. Wen-Chen Chou (Institute of Marine Environment and Ecology, NTOU) as a guest editor, overseeing a special issue dedicated to the theme of "Blue Carbon." Blue Carbon, as a critical aspect of marine science, has garnered widespread attention, and this special issue delves into comprehensive research and discussions on its various facets.

Based on your eminence and contribution towards the field of marine research, we request you to publish your research in the MR.

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#ISSN 2709-6629
#DOI 10.29677/MR

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