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National Academy of Marine Research

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Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure of NAMR
  • 1st layer-President
  • 2nd layer-Vice President
  • 3rd layer-Chief Secretary
  • Centers:
  • 1.Planning and Training Center
  • 2.Marine Policy and Culture Research Center
  • 3.Marine Science and Information Research Center
  • 4.Marine Ecology and Conservation Research Center
  • 5.Marine Industry and Engineering Research Center
  • Administrative Offices:
  • 1.Secretariat
  • 2.Personnel Office
  • 3.Office of Budget and Accounting
  • The NAMR is in charge of the following matters:
1. The study of marine policies.
2. Drafting and implementation of marine research and development plans.
3. Promoting the performance and the technology concerning marine research and development.
4. Matters concerning the collection of information, cultivation and recruitment of talents, and international cooperation of marine research and development.
5. Education, training, certification and management of marine conservation staff and Coast Guard law enforcement personnel.
6. Other matters related to marine policy, research and manpower development.
Unit:Personnel Office
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  • Update: 2023-02-24
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National Academy of Marine Research