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Access to Archives

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I.Archives Application Procedures
  • (I) Archives Catalog Search
  • To apply for access to archives, please first search archives catalog via Navigating Electronic Agencies’ Records (known as NEAR;
  • (II) Submitting Access Application
  • After locating the desired archives catalog, please fill out the Application for Access to Archival Records form(which can be downloaded online), sign it and submit it to NAMR via mail/fax, email or in person along with copy of valid ID.
  • (III) Review Notice
  • a. After it is received by NAMR, the application form normally requires individual review. If the form is not filled complete, NAMR will notify the applicant who need amendment in 7 days; and may reject the application if the form couldn’t make an amendment in time. The approval of the application shall be notified within 30days. If the information is corrected, it shall be re-calculated from the date of the applicant’s amendment. If the applicant indicated the email address on the application, NAMR can notify the applicant via email.
  • b. The requested records will be provided with copies in principle.
  • c. Anyone who applies to view, copy, or duplicate archival records must not damage records or change their content.
  • d. Those approved for access to the original archives need to be on site at the NAMR, and must return the archives on the same day.
II.Archives Access Fee Standard
  • Viewing or hand-copying of archival records is free of charge. The standard fees for duplication of archives are charged in accordance with the Fee Standards for Viewing,
  • Hand-copying or Duplication of Archives which amended on September 20, 2018.
  • The Common copy format and fees are as follows:
Record reproduction format Standard fee (NT$) Notes
Black-and-white paper copies (each page) Below B4: NT$2
A3: NT$3
Fees for color copies are 5x those listed on the left.
Electronic files (each image) NT$10 1.For image resolution below 200dpi.
2.A separate fee is charged for the storage medium.
3.There is no reproduction of the archives, and NAMR needs to digitize the archives according to user’s demand. It will be charged in accordance with above the Fee Standards.
  • National Academy of Marine Research Application for Access to Archival Records
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