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National Academy of Marine Research

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Research Performance

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The NAMR Research focus on survey of marine resources, research of marine science, and cultivation of talents, all based on the urgent need of national marine policy and development of marine industry.
1.Integrate National marine research ability, and enhance the research capacity of marine science, law and culture.
2.Conduct long-term, applied and basic marine research.
3.Establish the National ocean data bank, and enhance the application of marine science and industry.
4.Talent Training for Marine-Related Domains
The relevant ocean policy research is promoted in response to the international marine developmental trend, and in collaboration with the key direction for the “National Ocean Policy White Paper”
Promote the relevant programs in accordance with the “Tribute to Ocean” policy from the Executive Yuan


Unit:Marine Science and Information Research Center
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  • Update: 2021-11-22
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National Academy of Marine Research