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Marine Research

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Aims & Scope

Marine Research is a refereed open-access journal published original peer-reviewed research, by the National Academy of Marine Research (NAMR). The development and management of marine require the insights of a number of monodisciplinary, multidisciplinary as well as integral studies and approaches. The different disciplines may range from the natural and physical sciences to the social sciences, policy analysis, economics, and marine culture.

Marine Research articles are also made available for Open Access through Marine Research's official website, Airiti Library and HyRead eBook platforms, resulting in a significant broadening of readership worldwide.


Examples of topics covered by the journal include, but are not limited to, the following:
Marine Affairs
  • ​✔Marine Affairs Research
  • ✔Marine Resources and fisheries management
  • ✔Lifesaving and Rescue
  • ✔Marine Conservation/Education
Marine policy and Culture
  • ✔Marine laws and policies
  • ✔Marine Culture’s research
  • ✔the socio-economic systems of islands and islanders
  • ✔the humanities and cultural issues pertaining to the marine and island environment
Marine Science and Technology
  • ✔marine science research
  • ✔marine observation and marine database analysis
  • ✔Pollution control and management
  • ✔climate adaptation
Marine Ecology and Conservation
  • ✔Conservation of marine organism and habitat
  • ✔Research and development of marine biotechnology
  • ✔Prevention and control technique of marine invasive species
  • ✔marine ecology
Marine Industry and Engineering
  • ✔Research and technology for marine renewable energy
  • ✔Disaster prevention technology
  • ✔Marine industry
  • ✔Coastal Engineering
Guide for Contributors
Submissions are welcome from researchers worldwide. Manuscripts must be original and not previously published or simultaneously submitted elsewhere.
To contact the Marine Research editorial office, please email 
Editorial Board
    Jiahn-Horng Chen, President of National Academy of Marine Research
  • Editor-in-Chief:
    Chien-Erh, Weng, Ph.D. Vice President of National Academy of Marine Research
  • Executive Editor:
    Chia-Dai Yen, Ph.D. Director of National Academy of Marine Research.
  • Board of Editors: (2013/04/15-2015/04/15) (In alphabetical order)
Chi-Fang Chen, Ph.D. Department of Engineering Science And Ocean Engineering, NTU
Chung-Ling Chen, Ph.D. Institute of Ocean Technology and Marine Affairs, NCKU
Kuo-Tung Chen, Ph.D. Institute of History and Philology, A.S.
Solomon Chen, Ph.D. Taiwan Association of Maritime Safety and Security
Mao-Hsiung Chiang, Ph.D. Department of Engineering Science And Ocean Engineering, NTU
Shih-Chun Hsiao, Ph.D. Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering, NCKU
Chin-Chang Hung, Ph.D. Department of Oceanography, NSYSU
Shu-Kun Hsu, Ph.D. College of Earth Sciences, NCU
Yu-Ju Lin, Ph.D. Institute of Taiwan History, A.S
Showe-Mei Lin, Ph.D. Institute of Marine Biology, NTOU
Hin-Kiu Mok, Ph.D. College of Marine Sciences, NSYSU
Jine-FEN Wei, Ph.D. Management College, NDU
Hong-Young Yan, Ph.D. National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
Wen-Chang Yang, Ph.D. Marine Science and Information Research Center, NAMR
Unit:The Planning and Training Center
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  • Update: 2023-12-29
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