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Marine Policy and Culture Research Center

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Marine Policy and Culture Research Center

Organization Directions of Marine Ecology and Conservation Research Center

.Develop marine policies and participate in the International Ocean Forum
.Cultivate the promotion of Marine Culture’s research in Taiwan
.ultivate talents in international negotiations of marine law and marine policy

Study of Traditional Place Names and Marine Culture in the North and Northeastern Coast

The traditional names of the coastal areas and the sea often tell the story of the marine knowledge passed down by the residents of the coastal communities in Taiwan over the years, as well as the wisdom of sustainable use of the sea in harmony with the natural environment. Unfortunately, they are rapidly being lost due to modern societal changes. This study, from an interdisciplinary viewpoint, is expected to provide the National Academy of Marine Research (NAMR) with a different historical depth beyond the scientific survey data, and also hopes to preserve the local maritime culture as early as possible, leaving a record for the various ethnic groups and communities that once lived in the studied areas.
Through historical document collection, field surveys, and oral interviews, we examined traditional coastal place names, marine culture, and marine knowledge related to marine risk in the north and northeastern coastal region.
By utilizing the Geographic Information System (GIS), spatial data of traditional place names are created and imported into the "Go Ocean Marine Recreation Risk Information Platform."
Field surveys were completed in 10 settlements between Shimen and Gongliao (Magang, Mao'ao, Fulong, Longdong, Badouzi, Sheliao, Waimushan, Yehliu, Huanggang, and Cao'li) and more than 360 traditional place names were collected from the coastal and offshore areas. Intonations were marked with the romanization of the Taiwanese language to preserve the original voice of the local elders.
The traditional place names of the north and northeastern coastal areas can be broadly classified into four categories: natural features (including reefs, rocky shores, and ocean currents), marine biological resources, historical contexts and dangerous areas, which illustrate the close interaction between local residents and the ocean over the years, as well as the underlying marine knowledge and historical and cultural contexts. The NAMR organized marine culture reading activities, coastal traditional place name research seminars, compiled 10 oral history interview and produced this research documentary film "Ask the Sea’s Name" (問海ê名).

Salute to the Seas Series - 2021 Coastal Indigenous Culture Hackathon

In line with the spirit of a Hackathon, participants formed teams of three to five people and proposed the theme of the competition based on the coastal indigenous culture (the Tao people); the combination of the Chinese Radical 85 [CC1] "氵" denoting water, and the Chinese character "原" (Yuan) was creatively formed to become "源客松" (Yuankesong), a competition that aims to showcase the essence of coastal indigenous culture.
After the preliminary selection and completion of the Cultural Experience and Cultural Creativity Training Course held by the NAMR, qualifying teams competed in the final round on November 2021, with the awards ceremony held on the same day.
In the future, the outstanding creative proposals selected from this competition will be used to develop or collaborate with interested indigenous groups or tribal organizations, with the aim of giving back to the local community and attracting tribal youths to stay in their hometown, thus contributing to the establishment of a model for the joint development of local revitalization between the NAMR and the indigenous tribes.

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