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Marine Research Vol.2 Iss.2
Published Date: 2022-12-27
Unit: The Planning and Training Center
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    2022-12-27 ~ 2027-12-03

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Marine Research Vol.2 Iss.2 is published in December. Welcome to MR official website.
The five manuscripts are submitted in this issue, including the 2021 Referendum for Taoyuan Algal Reefs, Seasonal variations in the trawling marine organism community at the Changyun Rise, the relationship between marine sport ability classifications and marine environmental conditions, the Coastal Thermal Plume Patterns by the Land-based X-band Radar Images, Design Optimization of the U-Type Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converters.
And then, the author has prepared corrections for the manuscript for publication in the last issue of Marine Research. (“A Review of Species of the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Genus Ctenogobius (Gobiiformes Oxudercidae)”Vol.2, Iss.1, pp/65-137)
MR is being published in June and December every year. We are looking forward to receiving your manuscript soon.
Marine Research
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Marine Research Vol.2 Iss.2

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