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Marine Big Data: The First "NODASS Master Competition" Kicked off in Mid-August
Unit:The Planning and Training Center

The National Academy of Marine Research held the first "NODASS Marine Big Data Master Competition" from August 14th to August 16th, hosting a teachers' workshop and a consensus camp for participating teams. Industry lecturers were invited to teach Python programming language and Microsoft Power BI visual analysis software during the competition. With the integration of the National Ocean Database And Sharing System’s database, students learned to apply these tools in processing raw data and data analysis, aiming to inspire students' interest in scientific research and foster potential for independent research. The system cultivated abilities to share the process of scientific exploration, express creativity, and develop narrative skills. The system also supports participating teams in effectively utilizing and enriching their research results to compete for generous prizes.
In 2022, the National Academy of Marine Research completed the establishment of the "National Ocean Database And Sharing System (NODASS)", which has collected 109 sets of marine data both domestically and internationally. The database includes over 300 million hydrological data entries, nearly 80 million ecological data entries, and more than 430,000 land change data entries. The platform provides functions such as vessel tracking, marine spatiotemporal exploration, and global hybrid coordinate ocean modeling. Through integration, sharing, and utilization, these data can be applied to various marine-related developments and planning.
Participants utilize data from the NODASS platform, allowing students to apply scientific knowledge and methods to problem-solving abilities and promoting teamwork among students to collaboratively solve problems. The competition will help broaden the international perspective and worldview of Taiwan's young students, cultivate students with scientific research potential to engage in marine-related scientific research, connect with international maritime affairs and changing situations, strengthen marine science research education, and prepare for the nation's future marine technology talents.
After completing the teachers' workshop and team consensus camp sessions, participating teams must submit research works on marine-related content such as marine life, maritime culture, and marine ecology. After preliminary and final selections, awards will be given based on the overall score of the work: 3 teams for the High Distinction Award, 3 teams for the Excellence Award, and 4 teams for the Honorable Mention Award, for a total of 10 teams. The High Distinction teams will also have the opportunity to participate in the Asian Big Data Competition to showcase their research achievements overseas.
The competition encourages facing the ocean bravely, making good use of existing marine resources, maintaining sustainable development, and constructing a friendly environment where humans and the ocean can coexist and thrive together.

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National Academy of Marine Research