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2021 End-of-Year Results Released by the National Academy of Marine Research (NAMR)-In Anticipation of a County Flourishing in Marine Research
Unit:The Planning and Training Center

    The National Academy of Marine Research (NAMR) is the dedicated agency of marine research affairs in Taiwan long engaged in basic marine surveys and research and applied research. In cooperation with the national policy, the NAMR engaged in relevant research this year (2021) and continued to engage in marine industry-government-academia cooperation. In order to advocate and display the plan results and demonstrate self-research momentum, the National Academy of Marine Research (NAMR) successfully completed the 2021end-of-year result presentation on December 29, 2021. The annual results displayed received recognition and affirmation from controller Tien Chiu-Jing, experts, scholars, and guests.
    A result presentation was held today (29th). The Ocean Affairs Council’s “2020 Outstanding Civil Servants in the Promotion of Marine Affairs” and the Ocean Conservation Administration’s “2020 Outstanding Counties and Cities in Marine Environment Management and Assessment Plan” awarding ceremonies were conjunctively held. The National Academy of Marine Research (NAMR) displayed this year’s (2021) result content focuses of the presentation. The all-inclusive contents included: Completing the publication of nine professional books (including four volumes of monthly statistical annual reports on Taiwan’s sea waves, wind, current, and tide observed, winning works at the “Ocean Fun” National Children’s Painting Contest, a book titled Ocean Affairs, Taiwan’s Ocean-Coast, etc.); completing various project research plans (OCEAN TAIWAN-Surveys on the safety of beaches nationwide and the construction of sea recreation information and safety monitoring system plans, the development and promotion of the key technologies of ocean current energy, National Ship Model Laboratory’s multi-function tank setup plans, etc.). Keeping in line with the academia and practical needs, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), the Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, and public and private universities have engaged in exchanges and MOU signing.
    On the morning of the 29th, a series of Executive Yuan’s “OCEAN TAIWAN” policy result display was conducted. A research result presentation was held in the afternoon to give an overview and discuss the contents of the four-year plan. The contents included: environmental and benthic biodiversity surveys on the surrounding seas of the offshore windfarm, basic surveys on all the seas in Taiwan and marine big data creation, the National Ship Model Laboratory’s multi-function tank setup plan, marine culture and modern national governance, marine industry practitioners’ ability content analysis and training strategies, and other themes. Through the published research results, the citizens will be given an insight into the substantive research progress of the National Academy of Marine Research (NAMR), as well as the domestic marine science research progress and trends.
    According to President Chiu Yung-Fang of the National Academy of Marine Research (NAMR), this year’s (2021) result presentation adhering to the objective of “Moving towards OCEAN TAIWAN GO OCEAN Flourishing in Marine Research” is intended to display our research results to the citizens, while echoing the Executive Yuan’s “OCEAN TAIWAN” policy and encouraging the people to “purify the ocean”, “learn about the ocean”, “approach the ocean”, and “enter the ocean”. Since its inception, the National Academy of Marine Research (NAMR) has actively engaged in training national marine professionals, promoting industry-government-academia cooperation, leading marine technology research innovation, and continuing to expand the marine research momentum.

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National Academy of Marine Research