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Establish foundation for blue ocean strategy—NAMR signs MOU with IOT to integrate marine big data
Unit:National Academy of Marine Research

Big data database is the foundation of current researches. In order to establish a foundation for national marine research, National Academy of Marine Research (NAMR) is dedicated to the integration of national marine big data. NAMR and the Institute of Transportation (IOT) today signed MOU on the research field of marine, bay, and harbor, making a big step forward on the integration of marine data.

Academy Acting President Chiu Yung-Fang (邱永芳) said that NAMR was established on April 24. It is expected to be the “National Marine Think Tank.” NAMR would connect related marine researches, combine measurement data, and build a national ocean database as the foundation of our nation’s new blue ocean strategy.

IOT is dedicated to the researches of bay and harbor. Its hydrographic data collection of bays and harbors is mature. By signing MOU, NAMR and IOT hope to strengthen mutual interaction and cooperation. NAMR would keep cooperating with more national and international marine research institutes to connect more marine researches and data, which, in the future, would become significant references for implementing national and international ocean policies.

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NAMR signs MOU with IOT(3 in total)
NAMR signs MOU with IOT(3 in total)
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