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Promoting Academic Cooperation in Marine Research, the National Academy of Marine Research and the College of Marine Sciences, NSYSU Signed a Cooperation Memorandum
Unit:Marine Biology and Conservation Research Center
  In order to promote academic cooperation in marine research, the National Academy of Marine Research (NAMR) and the College of Marine Sciences, NSYSU (CMS, NSYSU) jointly signed a cooperation memorandum today (13th). The signing of the cooperation memorandum is intended for both sides to cooperate in marine-related scientific and marine ecology research, share environmental survey data and research resources, and promote research talent training and exchanges between the two sides.
  The National Sun Yat-sen University is located in Kaohsiung Sizihwan Bay. Surrounded by mountains and the sea, as early as the school founding, marine science has been listed as a development focus. In 1986, the CMS, NSYSU was established. Committed to the development of marine science, biotechnology, marine development, engineering technology, coastal governance, marine affairs, and other professional fields, it is now an important base for marine research and education, and the research results are well-renowned in the academic community.
  The NAMR was established in Kaohsiung in 2019, the marine capital in Southern Taiwan. Located on the eastern side of the Kaohsiung Port, its main mission is to assist the Ocean Affairs Council in conducting marine policy planning, marine resource surveys, marine science research, marine industry, and talent training development tasks. It is positioned as the national marine think tank.
  NAMR Director-General Chiu Yung-Fang mentioned that the cooperation with CMS, NSYSU is determined to start from the Kaohsiung marine capital. With Taiwan as the base, it will sail to the world’s oceans, thereby creating a sustainable future.
  In conjunction with Taiwan’s green energy policy development, the NAMR and the CMS, NSYSU are currently engaged in maritime space survey cooperation at offshore wind farms in order to explore the potential impacts of changes in the benthic environment on the marine ecology. This will facilitate the establishment of background baseline data in ecological conservation environment monitoring. It shall serve as a basis for the evaluation of sustainable offshore wind power development policies in the future.
  Looking ahead, the NAMR and the CMS, NSYSU will work together to continue marine ecology monitoring and biodiversity research and engage in research cooperation in the South China Sea. In addition, deep-sea exploration, canyon dynamics, underwater soundscape monitoring technology, marine energy research and key technologies, marine culture and underwater cultural asset scientific exploration, and other scientific R&D will be carried out.  Even social sciences under marine laws and policies and other relevant fields will be underway.
  According to CMS, NSYSU Dean Hung Ching-Chang, marine science is a cross-domain discipline involving a wide range of diversified fields. Through the signing of the cooperation memorandum, marine science research, underwater technology, and marine laws and policies will be jointly promoted, thereby achieving sustainable marine ecology related resources.
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  • Update: 2020-10-19
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