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The National Academy of Marine Research and the College of Earth Sciences National Central University signed a collaboration memorandum to jointly promote marine science and technological research.
Unit:Marine Science and Information Research Center

The National Academy of Marine Research (NAMR) informed alliances with Taiwan’s academia for the first time in order to strengthen the national marine scientific research strength. A collaboration memorandum with the College of Earth Sciences National Central University (CES ofNCU) was signed today (30th). The objective of this signing is for both sides to collaborate on marine science and technology-related research and jointly participate in international collaboration among polar stations.
NAMR President Chiu Yung-Fang  pointed out that due to the impacts of global climate change and global warming, the “Northwest Passage” that has been frozen for years is now opened. With the accelerating Arctic ice melting, the Northwest Passage may rewrite the importance of the global transportation routes. In addition, as the polar region is near the United States and Russia, not only is it an important strategic position, but it also has abundant resources such as petroleum, natural gas, etc. The neighboring countries are making every endeavor to protect their rights and interests in the Arctic region. It is expected that through the collaboration memorandum signing, the NAMR and the CES of NCU can jointly commit to the promotion of marine environment data investigation, marine environment database applications and co-participate in polar marine environment monitoring and investigation so that Taiwan can join the stage in the international arena on polar issues.
CES, NCU Dean Hsu Shu-Kun said that the CES of NCU is the only earth system science-based college in Taiwan. It is the base and stronghold of earth science integrative research and teaching in Taiwan. Through collaboration with the NAMR, both sides apply various scientific observations and research methods to carry out polar marine environment monitoring and investigation. In the future, coast-based marine radars and satellite remote sensing marine technology, and other collaborations will be planned to promote research in the global ocean and near-shore fields.
NAMR President Chiu Yung-Fang said that the NAMR has engaged in cross-domain collaboration with the CES, NCU in order to foster marine science development functions and enhance Taiwan’s marine technology momentum. Through research resource sharing, a collaboration platform for both sides will be jointly promoted to create a sustainable future.


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National Academy of Marine Research